ANB International is a leading manufacturer of Textile Products like Polyester Yarn,PSF,Woven Fabrics,Non Woven Fabrics etc, based in Surat, which is also known as the textile city of India. Established back in 2001, ANB International has touched reasonably great heights and secured a strong position in the world of textile manufacturing ensuring excellence in quality. With the primary aim of providing an array of products and services for textile and apparel industries,ANB International has become a major name in domestic & export area. We have established a name of credentials owing to the project commitments, working speed, quality practices and the overall approach of the company.

We believe textile industry is not a mere process of producing yarn and making fabric but also an art of delivering quality yarn, which is achieved through efficient R&D, close supervision, and production technology. We, at ANB International, have been successfully meeting the quality standards and exceeding customer satisfaction through dedication and hard work.

Our employees are the biggest assets of our undertaking. Providing a healthy and friendly work environment is the key to productive outcomes and we proudly own this key. We consider our manpower, the strongest asset. We have a professional team expertise in its department & have set up specific departments to handle the Purchase, Sales, Quality Control, Logistics & Documentation. With immense knowledge, experience, research, and development by our professional team, we managed to bring out solutions best suited for all our clients. With ANB International, you will surely get a tailor-made product for all your concerns.

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