Partially Oriented Yarn

Commonly known as polyester partially oriented yarn, partially oriented yarn (POY) is the primary forms of polyester yarn. It is also called polyester pre-oriented yarn.

The partially oriented yarn is spun at speeds of around 2800 to 4000 m/minute and is oriented with crystallinity. This offers partially oriented yarns a commendable stability & Shelf life for further use.

The partially oriented yarn is an ideal commercial intermediate for drawn and textured yarn. ANB International having both batch and continuous processes to manufacture POY. In both the processes ANB has installed state-of-art machinery from various global technology providers .

The advantages of the partially oriented yarns manufactured by  ANB International include.

Metered length and 100% Tail end

Superior & smooth unwinding at high speed

Uniformity of properties and oil application

ANB International  is one of the largest established textile and partially oriented yarn manufacturers in India. Our products are reliable, efficient and cost-effective as well.

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