Polyester Staple Fibre

Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) is somewhat Polyester Fiber made directly from PTA and MEG or PET Chips or from Recycled PET Bottle Flakes. PSF produced using PTA and MEG or PET Chips is known as Virgin PSF and PSF produced using Recycled PET Flakes is called Recycled PSF. Polyester Staple Fiber is generally used in spinning, weaving non-woven.

PSF is mainly used for fiber fillings in cushions and sofa. It is also used generally in spinning to make Polyester Spun Yarn which is then knitted or weaved into fabrics. PSF is mainly classified Solid and Hollow Polyester staple fiber. Hollow PSF can also have a few properties like Conjugated, Siliconized, Slick and Dry PSF. These properties are normally represented to as HSC (Hollow Conjugated Siliconized), HCNS (Hollow Conjugate Non-Siliconized) or Slick PSF that has a smooth finish. Depending upon the lustre, PSF can be classified as Semi Dull and Bright. By mixing color master-batch, dope dyed PSF can also be obtained in Optical White, Black and a several colors.

The PSF produced by us has the following Specifications :

Solid: 1.2 D, 1.3 D, 1.4 D, 1.5 D, 3.0 D, 6.0 D

Hollow (Silicon/Non-silicon): 6 D, 7 D, 15 D

Hollow Conjugated: 15 D, 6D

TBL (Trilobal Fibers): 2 D, 2.5 D, 3 D

* any cut-length & Color/Shade as per requirement.


Applications :

  • Domestic Uses
  • Filling, stuffing and padding in
  • Cushions
  • Pillows
  • Quilts
  • Toys
  • Jackets
  • Mattress
  • Industrial Uses
  • Making of FELTS
  • Making non woven and woven carpets
  • Mixing with cotton and wool in making yarn of any colour
  • Making of sheets of various GSM which are used for padding in quilts, jackets etc.

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