Rope & Twines

Polyester FDY Twisted Ropes And Twines

Rope is available in a  variety of materials.  The type of material used for the rope is the main determinant of the rope’s strength, abrasion resistance, ease of use, and price. Polyester is almost as strong as nylon, but it does not lose strength when wet.  It also has the highest resistance to abrasion, UV, and heat. Twisted ropes are commonly available and the most affordable.  They are formed by twisting three strands of fibers, and then letting them twist together to form a rope. The main advantage of twisted ropes is that it is easily spliced and inexpensive.

We are manufacturing premium quality PES FDY Ropes and twines from high strength, continuous multifilament yarn. We are hyaving PES spinning and drawing lines to produce continuous multi-filament yarn.

Polyester Twines are thin cord/thread made by twisting heavy denier high strength multi filament polyester yarn. We also provide Polyester twines and yarn for rope manufacturing.


  • Excellent Resistance to UV Rays, Chemical & Water
  • Controlled Elongation
  • Excellent Dry & Wet Strength Retention
  • Longer Service Life
  • Good Knot Holding Property
  • Soft Touch
  • Good Handling
  • Sinks In Water

Chemical resistance to ALKALI:  VERY GOOD
Chemical resistance to ORGANIC SOLVENT:  EXCELLENT
Chemical resistance to ACID:  EXCELLENT. Strength loss in NaOH and H2SO4 in high concentration and temperature.


They have excellent resistance to abrasion, sunlight, chemicals. Polyester fibers possess the best endurance among all the high tenacity fibers.

They are user friendly, flexible, rotation resistant and easy to splice.



  • Marine: Mooring, Anchoring And Messenger Lines
  • Fishing Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Lifting & Safety
  • Sports Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • General Routine Application



Yarn Range: 9,000 Denier to 55,000 Denier (Twisted/Un-twisted/Ply)

Yarn Tenacity: Up to 6.50 GPD

Color Range: White, Yellow, Green, Navy and any other required color.

3-Strand Twisted Rope range: 2MM to 26MM.

Rope Construction: 2-twist, 3-twist & 4-twist.

Specific Gravity: 1.38


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